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Character Bear was created by Joan Colvin in 2004 while planning her daughter's 5th birthday party.  


The following year, she sold the first edition of Character Bear to LEGOLAND California.  


In 2006 Character Bear was a semi-finalist on ABC's American Inventor.


Since then, Character Bear has sold at specialty toy stores and on-line.  


A patent for Character Bear was issued in 2011.


November 2012 - HSN / Edison Nation best invention search - top 20 of thousands of entries.



The original patented Character Bear is a teddy bear that instills Character!  Soft, un-stuffed teddy bear is brought to life when children stuff six colorful pillow-like pieces into the bear.  Each piece represents a character trait (respect, courage, love and caring etc.).  While children read a guide with the parents, they learn about the character traits and what it means to be "full of character".  Bonus - Princess Story Fairy Tale that brings the bear to life in a book. 


Great gift for children ages 3-7.  Great party gift!  A special teddy bear that will soon be their favorite.


Joan has developed a full line of products for the newly developed patented bear.  Follow her story as she looks to bring Character Bear to the mass market.



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